Anonymous: I didn't like Caspar's new video. I think it was tasteless and trivilises sexual assault. As his producer you need to be able to read the pulse of the community and tell him it was too soon for this type of video. Don't like you already being on his team. He was fine without your help.

Hello! Really sorry to hear you think that. It’s a video Caspar considered at length, working out whether or not it was too soon to post in light of other Prank videos that have been spotlighted just recently. There is no alarming level of promiscuity involved in the prank nor do I see on any level trivialising harassment. Instead of sending me animosity anonymously, someone who has aided in production loosely on a light hearted video, it might be worth focussing your efforts on discussing the ACTUAL issues where people have been seriously effected by select YouTubers who have participated in illegal and grave actions.